By Cecile Starr

Edited by Scott Hammen

Introduction Texts by Kit Smyth Basquin, Pip Chodorov, Stephan Chodorov, Devon Damonte, Cindy Keefer, Jodie Mack.

Cecile Starr (1921-2014) dedicated her life to the recognition of film as a visual art. She worked as a writer, educator, curator, and film distributor to raise awareness of experimental film in general and women film artists in particular. Her best-known book, co-authored with Robert Russett, was Experimental Animation, the first major survey of its subject, originally published in 1976.

This book includes her contributions to Experimental Animation as well as a collection of her other writing on the historical roots of avant-garde film. It is prefaced by the personal reflections of a number of artists and curators on her impact on their lives.

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Serie: Eyewash Books
Edited by : Scott Hammen
Date of publication: 2021

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